About St. Malo, Oceanside

Over the last eight decades, the gated community of St. Malo in Oceanside, California, has provided families wishing to rent a vacation home with a unique and enriching getaway experience. Located a short driving distance from San Diego, St. Malo offers the benefit of being close to many exciting outdoor and indoor activities in California due to its proximity to the beach communities of Carlsbad Village and Oceanside Harbor. Visitors to St. Malo can rent out boats and kayaks at Oceanside Harbor, or just enjoy walking around and shopping at the many unique stores at Carlsbad Village. Should families renting a home in St. Malo wish to visit the city, they can drive via the I-5 to downtown San Diego or downtown Los Angeles, or take the train from the Oceanside Transit Center to those same destinations as well.

Closer to home, St. Malo is situated next to the Buena Vista Lagoon Reserve, a coastal inlet between Oceanside and Carlsbad. Home to more than 100 bird species and more than two dozen indigenous mammals and amphibians, the Buena Vista Lagoon Reserve near St. Malo also serves as a habitat for migrating birds as they travel south from California in the fall. Vacation home renters at St. Malo also gain access to one of the few remaining private beaches in Southern California. In addition, there are a variety of comfortable amenities indoors, including a whirlpool tub, for those coming to St. Malo who wish to simply relax.


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